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Sit down, get comfortable and tuck into Indiaslots.com, a website that’s brimming with information necessary to get you off to a winning start!

From sports betting guides to casino reviews and other useful pages for you to scroll through over a cup of Chai. We are a website that you’ll want to check in from time to time as we update you with the latest happenings in the Indian online gambling industry! And as with any time-sensitive offer, we also update you on the best casino bonuses that you can claim online.

We Only Offer Useful Information

At Indiaslot.com, we pride ourselves as the number one destination for all the useful information regarding online casino gaming. Despite only having launched our platform recently, the team behind the domain share amongst them years of experience sourcing and providing readers with information that will better their overall gaming experience.

We are, what we’d like to refer to as the one-stop-shop for awesome content that will keep up to date on the best bitcoin casinos in India, best online casino games to play as well other fabulous tips to give you an edge over the house. Content that’s fresh and relevant is at the very heart of what we do here and we are always looking forward to bringing you information that you’ll only find here first! 

Casino Games Guides

At Indiaslots.com, we are tired of all the nonsense information available online regarding casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette and lottery. While there’s little that we can do about this, we believe we can do better! This is why we’ve decided to come up with a more familiar approach but include information that is 100% accurate and vetted by experienced players.

We go into depth with our guides so that you can easily discover your next favourite casino game before you even start playing. It doesn’t matter whether you love a good feature-packed slot game or you simply want to play the classic themed fruit machines, we guarantee you that our guides will point you to multiple varieties of casino games!

Is there any form of entertainment like a brick and mortar casino? Well, actually, there is – the live dealer casinos. Live casino gaming is the new popular way of enjoying casino games and we are at the forefront to keep you on the loop on the latest regarding the same.

In addition to ensuring that you find your next favourite game as soon as possible, we’ve also prepared a few beginners’ guides to various titles. These guides are meant to help you, the newbie, get started with titles that you’d like to play – no more sifting the vast internet for simple how-to guides!

Online Casino Reviews

Online casino reviews are a mainstay of any website like Indiaslots.com. Reviews of services and products of any type have become so common and guide us to most of the decisions we make.

The main problem, however, is that once you start throwing in the type of money that’s involved in the online gambling industry, ‘independent’ and ‘unbiased’ reviews turn as green-tinted with $$ and ₹₹ signs as the virtual platforms they are quasi-reviewing.

We strive to make Indiaslots.com one of the few unfiltered online casino reviewing platforms in the chip stack of internet propaganda. We’ve reviewed a few of the popular Indian friendly casinos such as ComeOn, Dafabet, Betway and Mobilebet casinos.

The majority of online casino reviews that you’ll come across online are usually overwhelmingly positive, full of little detailed information. The remaining void of the reviews is filled with hyperbole, enough to make a cat laugh! Notorious culprits will feed out-and-out lies to their readers, promising you speedy payouts from online casinos that are notorious for scamming their players for years.

This is the type of trash that we’ve avoided here at Indiaslots.com, evident in our detailed reviews. We tend to have a recipe that we always follow for all our reviews. One that…:

  • Is lengthy, full of useful, specific information. Some of this information isn’t what you were looking for but will probably find it very useful
  • Honest in the valuations. It won’t include exaggeration, except in some instances when it is necessary
  • Digs deeper. The review tries to get information beyond the tacky and juicy bonus amounts thrown at you by the online casino.
  • Offers you a clear picture of what you can anticipate from the hard-earned cash deposits made to the casino

Tips and Strategy To Help You Improve Your Gameplay, Not To Impress You

In addition to game guides and casino reviews, we’ve also included a very important aspect of online casino gaming – tips and strategies.

When we set out to tackle online casino strategies, our main objective was to make them accessible for newbies but still be able to offer enough substance for frequent casino players to maybe pick up a thing or two to use in their next gaming session.

  • The tips and strategies included aren’t meant to intimidate any player. Instead, we like to leave our readers with bottom-line techniques, which they can add to their arsenal
  • We hardly avoid diving deep into number heavy strategies just for the sake of impressing. Instead, we try elaborating the already misinterpreted strategies so that you can use them as effectively as possible

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