A Guide to Playing Live Casino Games

The strip of Las Vegas is best known globally for its sprawling casinos, which feature fantastic and entertaining table games. In the films and movies, the croupiers at these casinos are depicted as the best, and they surely are the best. But did you know that you can have the Vegas experience at the click of a button?

Live Casino

Sit back, relax and dive into the opulent gaming space where you have an opportunity to enjoy authentic land-based games from the comforts of your home. Thanks to technology, online casino brands have teamed up with renowned software providers to bring you the action as it unfolds at the casino floors.

The casinos bring you the most beautiful and talented croupiers to you, so that you enjoy the real deal each time, through live dealer casinos!

If this is the first time you’ll be playing live casino games, you are about to experience a marvel in technological wizardry. State of the art live streaming webcam technology ensures you get the most authentic, interactive and secure live dealer casino experience yet. Enjoy games such as Teen Patti & Andar Bahar Online today!

List of India’s Best Live Casinos

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While the majority of Indian players might have a basic understanding of how to play the games offered on the live casino platform, do they know how to place bets, interact with the croupier or navigate the lobbies? Better yet, do you know the advantages associated with live casino gaming?

If you don’t have answers to all these questions, Indiaslots is here to help!

We’ve prepared an expansive and detailed guide, which help you understand all that’s there to understand as far as live casino gaming is concerned. By the time you are done reading this, you’ll be able to use and navigate the live casino lobbies efficiently as well as playing the games without any hassle or problems!

What’s a Live Casino?

Basically, a live casino is a platform that combines the best elements of land-based gaming with the software based experience. The live casino games are played like ordinary land-based casino games.

However, they feature computer-generated graphics, which let you place your wagers, depict the playing area and also show the current balance.

It also comes with a live video link, which you have to click on to get connected to one of the professional dealers.

Once you have your feed live, you’ll agree with us that the dealer will be acting as he/she would at the brick and mortar casino; spinning wheels, dealing cards, accepting bets and giving answers.

How to Pick a Live Casino – Features To Look For In A Live Casino

Knowing the type of live casino games, the working mechanics of the games and what is expected of you as you play the game is only half the work completed. You also need to know which casino brand is the best as far as offering the live casino games is concerned.

Given the increasing popularity of online casinos, there are several brands that are operational. So many are these casinos that it’s proven to be difficult to comb through all of them, trying to find the best of the best.

And while there’s no live casino brand that’s considered as the ‘best of the best’ – given that there are different brands with different services – you can only find one that suits your gaming needs.

To help you find such a brand, we’ve highlighted some of the important aspects that you have to consider below.

Read Through Player Reviews Online

We highly suggest that you read through reviews found in forums and affiliate websites. Most of these reviews tend to summarize the main features, weaknesses and strengths of the online casino.

These reviews are very helpful as they are usually prepared by players, just like yourself, who’ve had an encounter with these casinos.

Look at the Licensing Information

In India, there’s no law that criminalizes any form of online gambling, including live casino gaming.

Indian players can comfortably access an offshore online casino, which makes it extremely risky for you to play at an online casino that’s not licensed or regulated.

It’s therefore up to you to follow up on the licensing status of the casino.

How do you do this?

At the bottom of the page, the casino will include its registration and license numbers.

Don’t take their word for it, visit the licensing body and search the licensing number to ensure it’s indeed valid.

Test the Casino before Signing Up

You don’t have to play live casino games to tell how good the games at the site are. Before creating an account, always try out the software-based games for free in the play money mode using the virtual bankroll.

While playing, look at aspects such as the load times for the game, bet limits, navigation and usability of the website among other things. They should give you an insight of what to expect while playing the live casino games.

Ensure You’ve Read The Terms and Conditions

Most importantly, ensure that you’ve read through the terms and conditions of the website. This is the area that will show you how serious the brand is as far as protecting your financial and private information; the terms and conditions for the bonuses and promotions among other useful information that will affect your playtime.

Read line by line, word by word to ensure that you don’t miss out on any useful information.

A recommended live casino is one that will clearly outline all the information without hiding anything. Bonus and promotion terms and how they use and protect the information collected should stand out clearly! 

Live Casino vs. Online Casino – What Is The Difference?

It’s not uncommon for players to confuse live casinos and online casinos. The majority of new players to online casino gaming tend to think the two are one in the same.

However, there are number of subtle differences between them, with the most notable one being how the two platforms operate.

While the online casinos use the Random Number Generator (RNG) software to determine the outcome of each card draw, wheel spin or dice throw, live casino games operate as the land-based casinos.

The cards are drawn by real dealers, the wheel is spun by croupiers just as they would at the land-based casino and the dice are thrown using the same people.

All this action happens on at the casino tables, just as it would happen at the land-based casinos and is usually streamed to you using state of the art live streaming technology.

Beyond these obvious differences, what are some of the other differentiating factors between the live and online casino platforms?

The Focus or Concentration in Each Game

There’s a contrasting view on this point as it usually revolves around your ability to close out all the distractions and focus on the game you are playing.

As you play live casino games, there’s a likelihood of some players to become distracted. This is because there are other players seated at the tables, who you can easily interact with using some of the features on the table. And we can’t blame you for this!

We’ve found ourselves chatting away hours with players from other countries, almost forgetting what really put us on the tables in the first place.

However, when it comes to the software-based game, everything else around you is shut out. It is just you, the screen and the graphics with little to no potential of being distracted. It is easy to see why this is the better version of your concentration spun is wanting.

Game Variety

At some of the online casinos, the software-based version of playing casino games offers you a wider variety of games to pick from. Because of the ever-changing technology, the majority of top software developing companies produce newer versions of games. This is in the hope to keep things more fresh and interesting.

However, not all the newer versions of the table games translate perfectly to the live casino versions. In most cases, the live casino versions will only involve some of the more classic versions of roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker, Keno and Lotto.

Therefore, if you are looking for things that are somewhat weird (in a good way) and more exciting, you have a wider scope as you play the software-based games.

Level of Experience Also Plays an Important Role

The other important point to consider relates directly with your experience and skill level. Are you an experienced player or this is your first time playing at the casinos?

Furthermore, are you experienced from the land-based casino games and have never played online games? If you are just beginning, it’s highly advisable that you play the software-based versions of the game.

Why do we highly recommend the software-based version over the live dealer games for newbies? Because:

  1. The game tends to have friendlier bet limits. You can play for as little as ₹10 across India friendly casinos such as ComeOn!, Dafabet, Mobilebet among others
  2. Software-based versions tend to have a free to play option, which isn’t available in the live dealer games

If, however, you are extremely confident in your skills and ability to adapt quickly as you play against the dealers, then the live games are the best option for you. In addition to offering you exciting thrills, there’s the element of convenience. We may all like to visit some of the great land-based casinos in India or Las Vegas but it can’t always be possible!

The Speed Factor

While playing any casino game, speed is of great importance. If you only have a few minutes to spare and would like to play at the casino tables, the software-based version is the best option.

With virtual dealers, crisp graphics and exciting in-game features, the games will move as fast as you hit the deal/bet button. This puts you in more control of the game.

However, as you play the live casino game, the dealer is more in charge. He/she will dictate the game and play at their own pace, and while there’s no hold up at all, live casino gaming is a marginally slower game.

So, Which One of the Two is The Best Option for You?

Generally, it all comes to one’s preferences and tastes. You don’t have to pick one of the two and commit to it at the total expense of the other. Once you’ve landed on the online casino’s homepage, simply pick your selection between the live dealer or software-based games depending on your mood and situation.

Most importantly feel free to follow your own pattern, your bankroll and don’t let any person influence your final call.

Advantages of Playing at the Live Casino

Whether you choose to play poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat or any other live casino game, you are certainly assured of an enhanced and personalized casino experience. In addition to that, there are several other benefits you stand to benefit from. Here are some of the most notable ones.

It is real life!

Live casino gaming isn’t just fantasy – the games, the dealers and the whole setting is completely real. You’ll be able to see the dealer spinning the roulette wheel, dealing the blackjack or baccarat cards or throwing the dice in Sic Bo in real-time.

Compared to the software automatically performing these tasks, this adds a much more realistic feel, which in turn adds a personal touch to your overall gaming experience.

Given that most of the Indian players don’t have access to the real brick and mortar casinos, then the live casino games are the best option for you.

The Art of Conversation

Being able to converse is one of the best things to have ever happened to live casino gaming. Well, you cannot converse verbally, but rather chat with the other players using the innovative chat feature. This is an awesome way of optimizing your experience.

Better yet, if you come across a lively dealer with good bunter, you might hear a few funny stories as you play.

Sit Back And Relax – The Fun Is Readily Available At Your Fingertips

Long gone are the tedious days where you had to take a whole day or afternoon planning a trip to your favourite land-based casino. With the live casinos, you don’t have to suit up ‘appropriately’ to visit the nearest establishment. Rather, you just need to find a comfortable spot, get yourself a snack and start playing the games as you would at the land-based casinos.

Better yet, you can play at casinos located hundreds of thousands of miles away. And if you don’t like the noisy atmosphere at the casino as you focus on winning, then the live casinos can be accessed from the comfort of your home.

You Can Receive a Bonus Or Two

There are no land-based casinos that run regular bonuses or promotions when you place your bets. The closest that you can get to a casino bonus is the complimentary gifts, which in most cases are only awarded to the VIP players.

However, this is slightly different when it comes to online live casinos. Online casino brands offer you all sorts of bonuses and promotions that add up over time. Any savvy player knows that by using these bonuses wisely, they can easily stack up their bankroll, without worrying much about losing their cash.

Feel At Ease Knowing The Game Results Are Accurate

Most of the casino players will agree that live casino games makes the overall experience more trustworthy as compared to software-based games. This is mainly because you can get to watch as the cards are dealt in real-time or the roulette wheel being spun through the webcam.

Some of the players will feel uncomfortable playing their software-based equivalents as they feel that the RNG software is stacked against them. This, therefore, means that the live dealer aspect eliminates all scepticism and makes you feel at ease!

Mobile Live Casino Gaming

Since the invention the mobile phones, every aspect surrounding technology is now easily accessible. And live casino gaming is no different. Mobile live casinos enable you to play your favourite games whenever and wherever you feel like.

Are you looking to play a few hands while you are waiting in one of the never-ending queues? Perhaps the luck bug has bitten you while you are on your daily commute and would like to spin the roulette wheel?

Mobile live casinos have you covered! With a smooth design optimized for use on the mobile platform, you can now enjoy every table game action, uninterrupted.

Online casino brands such as ComeOn! Dafabet! and Bet365 have pulled out all the stops to ensure that your transition from land-based gaming to online casino gaming is as smooth as possible, right from the moment you walk through the virtual doors.

What Services Are Available Through the Mobile Live Casinos?

All the services offered through the main platform are readily available on the mobile platform.

  • You can play all the games from your mobile device
  • You can make instant deposits and quickly withdraw your winnings from your mobile
  • Customer support services are also readily available for you to exploit them to the fullest
  • Claiming the welcome bonuses and participating in other promotions is very possible too
  • If you are a big fan of poker tournaments, you can opt-in them through the mobile live casino
  • The same level of security and safety is also maintained when playing on the mobile casino

Safety, Security and Fair Play of Live Casino Games

To ensure players are safe and secure at all time, stakeholders in the industry have several measures put in place. These include the following:

  • Using industry-standard state of the art Secure Socket Layer encryption technology. Thank to the SSL encryption, you can be sure that all your personal and financial information is protected at all times. This same technology ensures that the video streams aren’t accessed by third parties
  • You can also chat with other players seated at the tables. To ensure that these chats remain as clean as possible, live casino operators have put in place rigorous rules that every player has to abide to. Failure to following these rules will see a player being suspended from accessing the live casino services
  • Not many people consider this as a big advantage but partnering with renowned payment providers and software developers is a big step towards a safe and secure environment. MasterCard, VISA, Skrill, Neteller and PayPal are some of the companies tasked with the responsibility of ensuring your money moves in and out of the casino safely. Evolution Gaming, Pariplay, Ezugi and other top software providers are to ensure the games are solid.

To ensure that you have a fair gaming experience, the following steps have been undertaken.

  • Audit from third party companies such as eCOGRA
  • Thorough recruitment for the dealers. The companies responsible for offering the live casino services ensure that the dealers are experienced, professional and very thorough in their work. This ensures that they don’t try to scam the player(s) or cheat while playing.

Live Casino Features – What Makes The Platform Stand Out?

Just as we’ve witnessed a significant improvement in the quality of living over the past decade or two as a result of groundbreaking technological advancement, every other aspect of life seems to have evolved. This is true for the online casino games, which can now be played as if we are in a real-life land-based casinos thanks to the advanced live casino features.

We’ve witnessed a wide variety of development with the turn of every century and in 2020 and beyond, there’s more to expect on the already well-developed live casino infrastructure. This infrastructure constitutes some of the following features.

State of the Art Live Streaming Technology

The majority of the live online casinos use multiple high definition cameras to stream their services to their players. These Hollywood like, state of the art cameras ensure that you have a clear, uninterrupted and immersive feed of the game dealings.

To ensure that every player gets the most out of the live casino experience, the majority of the games have the option of adjusting the quality of the video feeds. Therefore, if you are playing from 3G or unstable internet connection, you can always opt for the low-resolution option. However, to get the most out of the live casino games, it’s always advisable to switch to the highest possible resolution.

Live Chat Feature

Did you know that you can interact with the dealer and other players while playing live casino games, just as you would at the land-based casinos? Thanks to the live chat feature, you can now comfortably type your message to the dealer, and he/she will respond directly back to you verbally.

Through the live chat feature, it’s possible to get clarification about the game’s rules as you play. If you are also having difficulties adjusting the settings to fit your gaming preference, you can ask the dealer for help through this channel.

Besides chatting the dealer up, you can also interact with hundreds of thousands of players from other parts of the world. However, as you do this, it’s important to ensure that you stick to the house rules regarding live chatting.

Bet Behind Feature

There’s nothing more erring and irking than loading up a live casino blackjack game, only to find all the seats taken. It’s even more frustrating especially if you had planned the whole day how you are going to spend some time lazing away challenging the dealers at the casino.

However, with the bet behind feature, missing out on the opportunity to flutter on blackjack is a thing of the past. And you do not have to miss out on a table to use this feature, as it readily available for anyone interested in betting.

So what exactly is the bet behind feature?

This is a feature that’s exclusive to live casino blackjack games. Through it, you can bet, even after missing out on a seat. This is possible because you can bet on each of the player’s hand as you wait for a free seat. If you are seated at the table and would still like to bet on other players, you can still use bet behind feature.

What are the advantages of using this feature?

  1. You can play the backline as you lock in some profits. This is because you can bet on all the player at a go, which means that you can pick the strong players and wager on them
  2. You can bet on as many players as you like. In fact, if you like, you can wager on all the seven players seated at the table

Multi-gaming Technology

Are you spoiled for choice? Then you don’t have to choose, but rather play all the games you’d like! Thanks to the multi-gaming technology, you can easily split your live casino screen into quarters, thirds or halves. This way, you can play between 1 and 4 live casino games simultaneously.

Now this isn’t a play you can make at the brick and mortar casino!

Training Guidance

Since there are so many different types of playing live casino games – especially when it comes with the platforms – you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the working mechanisms of platform, the games and rules involved in playing these games.

To make this possible, software developers such as Evolution Gaming have come up with special teams set up to offer you live hands-on guidance.

Live Casino Dealers

Live casino dealers are what make the difference between online casino gaming and live casinos. Dealers, just as you would expect, are real humans tasked with the responsibility of managing the game – just as they would at the land-based casinos.

To make the dealer-player interaction as real as possible, the casino employs state of the art live audio and video feed. This way, you can easily see what the dealer is doing in real-time, as well as hear the sounds of the roulette wheel spinning and a ball bouncing along the wheel.

To ensure that players get the best possible playing experience, the croupiers are trained using the same rules and professional conduct as their counterparts at the land-based casino. Also worth noting is that you cannot speak to the dealer directly. This is a measure put in place to prevent players from disrupting the flow of the game. However, you can use the chat feature to pass the message or share a joke with them.

Live Casino Games We’d Recommend Any Day

We all love a classic. Live blackjack is a fun game, as is live roulette – which is a thrilling game. Live baccarat, on the other hand, is a remarkable choice for anyone looking for a game with excellent odds. However, there are days that you simply want something different – both in terms of gameplay and odds.

In this section, we are going to look at some of the hidden gems in the live casino section.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are new to casino classics and looking to dip your toe into something different, or you are taking a break from normal table games, this list of extra-special live casino games has you covered.

Lightning Roulette – Let’s You Win Up To A Maximum of 500x Your Bet

This sensational, revolutionary live roulette game scooped the award for the Product Innovation of the Year 2018 at the Global Gaming Awards. Once you’ve started playing this game, it won’t be difficult to see why this was possible.

Incorporating the game show feel with online casino gaming, Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette introduces extra energy to a game that’s widely loved across the industry. It brings in electric thrills – quite literally – thanks to its special in-game features.

How does it manage to do this? Well, like the standard live roulette game, you are required to place your bet. However, unlike the normal live roulette game, there’s a lightning that will strike one – five numbers with electric sparks. This means that if you are lucky enough to win on a straight bet and the lightning strikes this number, you could win as much as 500x your bet, which is the highest possible payout in this game.

Take note that while they say lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice, in lightning roulette, it can strike twice, thrice or more times, depending on how lucky you are.

Dream Catcher – A Sensational Wheel Of Fortune Live Casino Experience

The Dream Catcher live casino game is a super-sized live money wheel that ensures your pulse is racing with its multi-coloured wheel. Just like lightning roulette game, Dream Catcher is a show-inspired title designed and developed by Evolution Gaming. It offers you a fully immersive wheel of fortune experience, with the hosts engaging you between and during the spins.

How does it function?

Like any wheel of fortune game, you are required to predict where the wheel will land on once it has stopped spinning. If your guess is correct, then your bet is multiplied by the multiplier on which the wheel has landed on.

Double Ball Live Roulette Means Double The Excitement

Next on our list is Evolution Gaming’s Double Ball live roulette. This is a European version of roulette that offers you twice the winning opportunity with an extra ball in play. Instead of following the same format of play – throwing one ball on the wheel – both balls are launched once the wheel is spun. All the other roulette rules are followed, except that you now have twice the winning chances, thanks to the extra ball.

Blackjack Party – This Should Become Your Next Favourite Card Game

With extra fun, there is no party like a blackjack party! As a casino favourite, loved by all card players, blackjack wouldn’t miss on this list!

Blackjack Party is Evolution Gaming’s popular release that isn’t much different from the standard blackjack games. The main focus of this game is based on having as much fun as possible and chatting! It has low stakes tables that offer two dealers, who will chat with you and other players seated at the table. This makes creates a friendly environment – one similar to the one where you chat with your friends at the kitchen table!

Live Casino Software – Who’s Responsible For developing Live Casino Games?

The interactive style of playing casino games has been made possible by several software developers. These companies constitute teams that work in sync, round the clock to ensure that you have the best possible gaming experience.

A good example of such a company is Evolution Gaming. They are industry leaders as far as designing and developing live casino games is concerned. In securing Evolution Gaming’s services, an online casino is able to afford its members a world-shaking experience from the comfort of their homes!

More about Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming was first founded in 2006. Since then, the company has grown to become the leader in the live casino niche. Their games are characterized by high-tech infrastructure, with futuristic gaming solutions that include a plethora of table game and live slot entertainment.

Evolution Gaming’s first studios were hosted in Riga, Latvia. This remains to be the company’s headquarters and the studio remains to be the largest – accommodating more than 100 tables. However, as the demand for their games continued to grow, Evolution Gaming studios spread around Europe in more than six locations. These studios are complete with VIP lounges that offer players a more luxe live casino gaming experience.

Other renowned live casino software providers besides Evolution Gaming include:

  • Playtech
  • NetEnt
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Ezugi

Playing the Live Casino Games – A Walk Through

If you’ve read the review this far, it’s safe to say that you can now play live casino games comfortably. We’ve included all the important information that you need to play these games. However, in the last chapter, we need to understand how these games work, i.e., how you can play live casino games.

The process is usually very simple and direct. It’s as follows:

  • Identify a legitimate Indian online casino site. One that’s licensed, has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they are committed to offering safe and secure services and offers a variety of casino games. Create an account at this platform
  • From the list of payment options, make your first all-important deposit. It’s important that you deposit money into your account as you cannot play the live casino games for free, as opposed to the software-based games
  • Once you have your money and completed the account verification process, click on the ‘Live Casino’ button, usually located on the homepage. This will lead you to a list of all the available live casino games.
  • Pick your most preferred game, read the rules of the game and start playing.

Is it Legal to Play Live Casino Games In India?

The legality of online casino gambling in India remains ambiguous. Ambiguous because the large part of the country still use the old-age Public Gambling Act of 1867 to decide whether it is legal or illegal to participate in any form of online gambling in India despite the laws being formulated during the time when India was still a British colony.

In fact, the only law that’s closest to defining whether it is legal or not to participate in online gambling activities is the Technology Act of 2000. Even then, this law is still ambiguous as it only states that it’s illegal for any internet service provider to offer any information regarding gambling to Indians. It requires that all the ISPs block any foreign or domestic platform that seems to promote any form of gambling to Indians.

Having said this, it’s therefore safe to say that interested players can use this loophole to access foreign-based, licensed and reputable live casinos.

However, if you live in the state of Maharashtra, you need to note that all forms of gambling, both online and offline, have been declared illegal. And while there’s never been a player who’s been prosecuted for playing or visiting an online live casino, there are laws that define what actions should be taken if one is found guilty of breaking the laws.

It’s, therefore, safe to say that if you’d like to play at the live casinos, just ensure that you are not within the boundaries of Maharashtra.

To Wrap It Up

What’s your excuse for not playing the live casino games? Visit any one of the recommended online casinos, start playing live casino games and who knows, you may end up making a friend or two along the way. Half the fun of playing at the live casino is getting the opportunity to build rapport with real players and forming lasting friendships.