Over the years, the number of people in India who are playing online and in land-based sportsbooks has been increasing. This can be attributed to the penetration of the internet use in different parts of the country, as well as the aggressive marketing and advertisement that is being done by betting sites. There are some sites that have ended up becoming household names, and if you are a regular player, then chances are that you have interacted with several online betting sites. Long gone are the days when gamblers in India played hide-and-seek with the authorities because they were forbidden from hanging out in betting points, since most of them were illegal. The online Sports betting industry has changed how wagers in India play their games.

What Is Online Sports Betting?

If you are wondering what online sports betting is, then thinks of it simply as a type of betting where you can place a bet on your favourite game from the comfort of your house. All you need is to ensure you have identified a trustworthy site and you have a stable internet connection that will allow you to place your bets without interruption. Online sports betting covers games that are offered in online casinos, sports, and even non-athletic competitions, such as debates and beauty contests. It can be done by playing on a computer or downloading the betting apps on your mobile device.

How It Works

Just like in a typical land-based sports betting, online betting is when you predict the outcome of a sporting event, but online. If your predictions are right, you win. Unlike a brick-and-wall sportsbook, an online betting site can have hundreds of thousands of users tuned in at the same time. Some of the common sports that people place their bets on include athletics, horse racing, football, basketball, hockey, cricket, greyhound racing, and political elections. There have also been instances where online betting companies offer wagers to television programmes and entertainment events. Typically, every site has its own rules of engagement.

Betting Apps in India

We are in a time and age where stationary desktop computers are being used less and smartphones are taking over. This in depth betting apps guide convers the topic from start to end and helps you find the best betting apps in India.  Most brands in India that are serious about their product has developed great and simple-to-use betting apps. Downloading one is simple and you can get started in no time.

Where Can I Bet Using Indian Rupees?

Since most major online betting sites are international, there are numerous possibilities when it comes to where you can bet using Indian Rupees. When online betting sites started gaining popularity, one of the challenges that Indian gamblers faced was the fact that most of the sites accepted only the major currencies, such as US dollars, euros and pounds. However, the growing number of customers that they have been getting from India and other parts of the world has made them change their approach and start accepting local currencies. Some of the online betting sites where you can bet using rupees include the following:


Even though this is a relatively new site, which was established in 2000, it is becoming popular with players from all over the world, and India is one of the countries where ComeOn has many clients. Their flexible options when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals allow players who are transacting with Indian rupees to have an easy time. If you are using rupees, you can also transact through making a bank transfer or using a visa, master or debit card and the rupees will be accepted. If you are playing on a site that converts to a different currency, you should be aware of the exchange rate so that you can track the amount of money you are wagering.


Betway is a global online betting site with millions of people logging in and playing every day. It is licensed in Europe and has gone through many certification processes to ensure that it adheres to the security and privacy laws. It accepts different currencies and allows banks and mobile transfers of rupees.

Royal Panda

Royal Panda is another online betting site where you can play with your rupees. This is an international online casino that was established in 2014 and gained popularity in India because it not only accepted players from India, but it also allows them to transact in Indian rupees. The fact that it has a massive game collection could be the reason why it keeps on registering a high number of people who keep coming back to play.


If you are a frequent gambler at online sites, then chances are that you have come across Bet365. They are popular in India because they allow the use of Paysafe card, which is acceptable in India. The fact that you can also pay using mobile money makes them a good choice for people who access the internet using mobile devices.


What makes 22Bet stand out as an online betting site is the fact that it is available in both English and Hindu. This means that Indian players who do not understand English can still play at the site. Another big advantage is that they accept deposits in Indian rupees and they have numerous payment methods, providing players with loads of options.

How Do I Know the Betting Site to Trust?

A quick and random search on the internet for an online betting site will yield thousands of results. Whether you have never played or you are a frequent online player, getting options on the site to trust can be confusing and overwhelming. There are chilling and discouraging narratives of people who got into the wrong betting sites and ended up losing a lot of money. It is a harsh reality that people who want to place their bets online must confront. The biggest challenge always comes in knowing the right betting sites to trust and where you can comfortably place your bets.

Signs of a Trustworthy Betting Site

  • Neat and easy to navigate: The website design of the betting company should be one of the indications that it is legit. Trustworthy online betting sites are professionally designed, right from the outlay to the colour theme to everything in between. They also have distinct and visible icons to help you navigate through and find what you are looking for. A red flag should be a jumbled-up website that looks like it was done in a hurry. If you are struggling to find content on the website, then you should think twice before attempting to sign up. The language and images used on the site should also be an indicator of whether it is trustworthy or not.
  • Honest, consistent and positive reviews: You should never make a mistake of joining an online betting site without going through the different reviews that other punters have left behind. Check the ratings and pay attention to what other people are saying about transacting with the site. Take your time and read through varied reviews before drawing your conclusion. A site that has honest, consistent and positive reviews should be worth trying. You should be skeptical about sites that do not have any reviews at all, or the ones that look like all their reviews were done by one person. There are many independent reviewers online that you my want to consult with.
  • Does the site use encryption?: A reliable way of checking if a gambling site is legit is by checking the URL bar. If there is a small padlock in the URL, then it means that it is secure. You should also look for an unbroken sign of a key to show that the site is encrypted. Another sign that you can transact safely with the site is when there is an “s” after the “http” (as in https) before the domain name.
  • Has verifiable registration details: Go the extra mile and get more information about the site. When was it registered? Who is the owner? How many people engage with it? Is it licensed? The details should be available for public scrutiny. If you cannot easily find the details, then you should be suspicious about the site.
  • Easy to find contact details: Good customer care is always one of the indications that an online betting site is legit. This includes whether they have contact details through which you can reach out to them in case of any queries. Do a quick experiment and reach out to the customer service team of the site you intend to join. If they take too long to answer or they do not answer at all, it means that they are not interested in keeping customers. Instead, they may simply be after making quick money.
  • Realistic bonuses and offers: Most online betting companies like attracting potential customers with offers and bonuses that are meant to entice them. This should, however, be within reasonable limits. If you find a website that offers you a ridiculous offer and is pushing you to grab the bonus, then you should think twice. It could be a bait to get you hooked and scammed. As a rule of thumb, deals which are too good are a clear red flag.
  • Discourages addictive gambling: Online gambling, just like any other form of betting, can be addictive. Trustworthy sites are always aware of this situation and they have measures in place to prevent their players from sinking into addiction. You will find their engagements with other partners to discourage over-dependency on gambling. Fake sites, on the other hand, would not be bothering whether you get addicted or not. Look for features like deposit limits and responsible gambling tab.
  • Understandable terms and conditions: Sites that are trustworthy have a clear Terms and Conditions section, which helps players to know what they are getting into. They also have rules of the game to avoid conflicts and confusion that may arise later.

What to Do When You Suspect that a Site Is not Trustworthy

  • Do not give your personal details: Resist the temptation to give your personal and bank details when you suspect that you could be dealing with a fraudulent online betting company. Some websites are looking for places to commit identity theft and other forms of cyber crime.
  • Close the site and do not follow any link: Do not linger on a site whose legality you doubt. Close it as soon as you become suspicious and avoid following any link or clicking on any object within the website as you could be introducing malware to your system.
  • Make inquiries: If you are simply looking to verify the legality of a website, make use of the gambling communities that exist online. Ask if any of them has used the site and get to know their personal experiences. You can also make inquiries to licensing companies in the country that the site claims to be working from, to find out if the site is legit.

Is Sports Betting Legal?

Whether sports betting is legal is a debate that has raged on for many years. Unfortunately, there will never be a blanket answer; at least not for now. The reality is that every country and state has its own laws regarding sports betting. For instance, in the United States, every state has its own laws when it comes to betting, with some having stricter laws.

In India, while there are strict laws when it comes to betting, there is no explicit law that rules out sports betting. This could perhaps explain why online betting is gaining popularity in the country. There is also no clear line on what happens if, for instance, a betting site is based in a country or state where gambling is legal but it is accessible by countries where gambling is outlawed. That is why it is never so simple to answer the question of whether gambling is legal or not. As such, it is important to understand the laws in your country so that you know how far you can go with your love for gambling. There have been calls in India to enact the internet gambling rules, but it has not been done yet. Even if online gambling is legal in your country, you should ensure that you do not become overly dependent and addicted to it. If you gamble responsibly, then sports betting can be one of the most interesting ways to relax and have fun.

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