Online Cricket Betting

Online cricket betting is a game of luck, that’s what betting is all about. However, betting has become a source of income for many people around the world. The art, or science is all about staking a given amount of money with the aim of winning a bigger amount.

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As a gambler, you may have been doing this for a long time until you gained experience. You know the right games to put your money on. There are several platforms where you can place your wagers. All you need to have is an account with the betting company and you will be good to go.

Betting sites give you offers to entice you to continue betting with them. There are several sporting events that you can place your bets on. Most people tend to choose their favourite sport for betting since they are more conversant with the game. This is an apt choice as it increases your chances of winning because of a better understanding of the markets to bet on. Some of the sports offered in popular betting sites include cricket, football, tennis, basketball and also hockey.

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Apart from the type of sport to choose, you also consider the odds being offered. The higher the odds, the higher the amount you will win. This is an article with tailored information about online cricket betting and it will help you improve your betting experience with the sport

Understanding Cricket Tournaments You Can Bet On

The cricket game is most popular in India. There are both domestic and international cricket games gamblers can try their luck on. There is Test Cricket which has three possibilities and it is played for a period of over five days. There is the one day cricket (ODI) and it has more than fifty overs for each team. The other international game is the T20 cricket which can be played in one evening or afternoon and has about 20 overs for each team. All these are cricket tournaments that you can find in betting sites that offer online cricket betting.

You will likely not be able to bet on IPL 2020 as the event has been cancelled due to the coronavirus.

Which Betting Sites Offer Cricket Betting?

For you as a cricket fan, you might want to exploit your winning chances with your favourite sport. Before you think of joining one, you, first of all, need to know the best available sites that will give you a good time. When determining the best sites, the factors you need to consider include the odds given, time taken before making payments after a win, the bonuses given and also the terms and conditions at play.

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Based on the above factors, the best cricket betting sites include Betway, Cric,,, Rizk, Dafabet, 1XBET, bet365, and 2 BET. These are the most popular betting sites that are quite reliable when it comes to the game of cricket. All the above sites have good ratings and you can be sure you will not get any regrets. Most of them offer free bets, a welcome bonus and some have a profit boost. All these offers are put with the aim of attracting new customers and seeking loyalty.

Where Do I Find the Best Cricket Betting Odds?

Imagine betting on a site with low odds. It would be boring, right? This is avoidable by getting a website that multiplies your money severally making your gambling experience an interesting one. Cricket betting odds are categorized into three. There are two options for either of the two opponents to win and the draw option. Based on your analysis of past matches, you will make a choice that will ensure you get your money back. Depending on luck, some may even choose the option with the highest odds. The amount staked is going to be multiplied with the odds chosen. If you placed a bet on a team with a 1.66 odd with $1000 stake, you will receive $1660 if your team wins. The higher the stake, the more the winnings.

The question on where to find the best odds may be a bit difficult since the rates may vary depending on the game. Looking at the past cricket events and the odds given in different sites can give you a clue on the site to use. You can base your analysis on the consistency of the odds given. A site with consistently high odds is definitely the best option. It is advisable for cricket gamblers to have multiple accounts with several betting sites so that they have a variety to choose from. This can be likened to window shopping where one goes around shopping for the best available. This will make you make the most out of betting.

Some of the betting sites with the best odds include Betfair, Betsafe, Roy Richie, Pinnacle and UNIBET. Betway is also one of the best sites for cricket betting with attractive odds. The site is user-friendly and it offers a variety of features such as live betting and also casino and poker games.

How To Bet On Cricket

This is a guide on the steps you need to take to place a successful wager on cricket. It is of much use to first-time gamblers on the cricket game. The steps are:

  • You first need to choose a betting site and then create an account. You cannot undertake any betting activity without an account with a valid betting site.
  • Choose a deposit option and deposit funds in your account. If you are making a first deposit with the site, chances are that you are going to get a welcome bonus that is going to increase your staking amount. The deposit amount limit will vary from one betting site to another.
  • Learn about the odds given and the games provided on the site. Not all games played are available in the markets. That is why it is advisable for cricket bettors to create several accounts so that they can have an option in case one fails.

Can I Live Bet on Cricket?

The live betting feature is very crucial to online gamblers. It helps you place a bet while the match is still going on. This is very common because humans tend to forget very much. You may log in to a betting site and find a match you wished to bet on has already started. This may be due to an incorrect reading of the kick-off time. Most betting sites today offer you a chance to bet on continuing matches. The odds in live betting change depending on how the game is going on. The team which is trailing or one that has lesser chances of winning will have very high odds. You can choose to risk your money on the team since anything could happen within the remaining time. This is usually a huge risk though.

So, yes, you can bet live on cricket just like you would in other games.

Betway is a reliable betting site for cricket. It has good odds and also most of the live matches are available on their live markets. At no one time will you lack a live cricket game to bet on in Betway. Other sites that give you the opportunity to place your wagers on a live cricket match include Betfair and 10bet among others.

Markets You Can Bet On In Cricket

Just like most sports, cricket has several markets where you can place wagers. The wide range of markets gives gamblers the freedom to choose what they are comfortable with. Some of the markets include the match outcome, the leading run-scorer, highest opening partnership, the man of the match, and also the number of boundaries. The most popularly played market is the match outcome. You either place a win for one team or a draw. In overs matches, the only possible outcome you can bet is a win for either team. Test matches have all three markets. In series, you can bet on the winner and also the exact score in the series.

You can also place a bet on an individual player whom you think will impress in the game. The player who produces an outstanding performance to help the team win definitely gets the man of the match award. If you had put your money on the player, you will also have something to smile about at the end of the game. A player who takes several wickets stands at a better chance to get it.

One market in the online cricket betting that has seen a lot of growth in recent years is the number of boundaries. Gamblers have seen an opportunity to earn from. You can also bet on the leading wicket-taker or the highest open partnership and pray that it is your lucky day.

Factors to Consider When Placing a Cricket Bet

If you are a regular cricket bettor, then you must have developed some strategies to help you keep winning. You need to do your research on the teams you are placing your money on. If you do not do this, you risk losing your money. Otherwise, it may be termed as pure luck. If you are starting cricket betting, then here are some factors to put under consideration before placing a wager to avoid losses. They include team and player form, the ground history, the conditions to be faced in the game and also the in-play value.

Researching on probable conditions during the game revolves around weather conditions. Before placing any bet on a cricket match, seek information about the weather patterns in the location where the game is going to be played. In case you predict there will be adverse weather for the match, bet cautiously or even choose not to.

The pitch to be played on is also a key factor of consideration when betting. The nature of the ground can affect the outcome of a cricket match. Based on your analysis, you should be able to tell whether the pitch will favour you depending on your prediction. No one wants to lose their money hence you should seek information about ground history.

Do not forget the form of the player and the team in general. This is very important since you can easily predict the final result based on the players’ form and also their level of match fitness. You definitely cannot bet on a player who is not match fit to be a man-of-the-match winner. Players showing a great attitude and those who have displayed outstanding performances in previous matches are definitely worth placing your money on.

Is Cricket Betting Legal in India?

This is a question you should ask yourself before engaging in any illegal activity that will automatically land you in trouble. In India, gambling is an illegal activity in most parts. In all the betting laws given in the country, there is none that makes it illegal to do online cricket betting. Betting companies here have used this to their advantage and have given residents of India an opportunity to bet without facing any consequences from the authorities. Most betting sites in the country have given the Indian Premier League top priority. Online cricket betting in India has been diversified since you not only bet on the match outcome but there are several other markets. Some of the aspects of a match you can bet on include the toss, how the bowlers are going to fare and also the possibility of a batsman to score a hundred.

The site says that they do not take bets but they get in touch with other betting companies like William Hill, bet365, Betfair and Ladbrokes to provide betting platforms in the country. The Indian law does not deny its people to place bets online with a betting company that is based outside the country. This is according to the Indiabet website. Indian citizens or other persons in the country can bet with other international organizations without any trouble.

The online cricket betting model is a nice platform where individuals can exploit their betting skills or luck. Presence of several markets and also many betting sites that offer it is an added advantage. As a gambler, you should exploit this opportunity.